5 Important Steps in the Site Creation Process

5 Important Steps in the Site Creation Process

1- Briefing and market research

In order to start a well-structured site, it is necessary to have a collection briefing and conduct market research.

What is briefing? Briefing is the term given to the set of initial information collected with the customer. It is to understand from color preference to the website objective: institutional, sales, marketing, etc.

After getting together with the customer and understanding their desires, it is essential to make a marketing research. This research is to understand who the major competitors in the industry are, how their websites look and how we can apply a distinctive feature for the website that will be created.


2- Design and Layout

This step usually seems simple for many but it is not. The design behind the creation of a site is complex and hard-working. It is necessary to select an initial template – which the designer is going to use as base to transform into a tailor made website – the color scheme, the information layout, such as which topics will be in the ‘menu’ or where the contact information will be, and also the images that will be used in the creation. It’s a job that requires good taste, talent, agility and great dedication.

3- Programming

In order to the aesthetic that was developed by the creation team to become functional, you need a programmer. Through the use of HTML/CSS languages the layout encoding is created; you also need to evaluate possible plug-ins which are inserted programs that perform extra functions on the site, such as a chat, and conduct navigation tests.


4- Testing and Approval

After creating the first version of the site, it needs to be tested to make sure that the operation is correct, the responsive is configured (functionality that allows adaptation of screens) and, mainly, that the client is satisfied. It is during this point that all details and changes can be adjusted in order to satisfy the client’s needs.


5 – Maintenance

It is necessary to perform site maintenance to ensure that all resources are functioning properly, that the website design is always current and new visitors are interested in your business. Maintenance covers from aesthetic to the banner changes, colors, inserting new content – SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimization). A well done SEO needs to be constantly optimized and it is what ensures that, in the long run, less investment is applied on paid search on Google and the website has more relevance to appear on organic searches, which means, for FREE.

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