How to select a Digital Marketing Agency

How to select a Digital Marketing Agency

A digital agency or digital marketing agency is a company that works with services related to advertising on the internet. The most traditional channels are Google and social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. It is not the customer’s obligation to know all the Digital Marketing terminology, such as pay-per-click, conversion marketing, etc. In order to choose an agency for your company, keep in mind a few important aspects: logic and common sense.

Knowledge of Marketing

The agency should show a solid knowledge on marketing and sales beforehand, preferably their professionals should have had prior leadership experience on those areas, than their skill on digital marketing. After all, Digital Marketing is nothing more than a way to make the traditional marketing digitally. Without the basic knowledge and experience of traditional Marketing it will be very difficult to reach the results that you expect for your company.

Commitment and Quality

Another relevant factor is the client’s opinion on the agencies work. One of the most important factors is to consider the degree of commitment with quality, deadlines, etc. In addition to competence in the subject, the Digital Marketing Agency has to be a strategic partner for your company. A strategic partner works with you to place your brand in a better position. In order to increase sales, a strategic action is needed, that is why the strategic partner is so important.


Due to conflict of interests, a Digital Agency or a Traditional Agency that is acting as your strategic partner, shouldn’t work for two companies in the same field inside a same geography.


Another factor of extreme relevance is which professional will be the one to make contact. A professional with experience in marketing and sales can be a valuable ally to serve as a consultant for its company. Perhaps this is one of the factors that can influence the results the most. Recently, after several reports extracted from Google and Social Media we came across a problem with the price positioning on one of our clients. This type of analysis (pricing) is extremely rare between the Agencies that work with Digital Marketing. The majority talks a lot about tools and forgets that the focus is the intelligence behind everything.

Supplier Size

Finally, be careful with the supplier’s size. Some possess only one professional, don’t have an office, and do not emit invoices (extreme cases). Others are too large for your company. The ideal is to check the level of commitment that the team will have with you, not necessarily the number of employees. The portfolio and testimonials from other customers are sufficient to validate a good choice.

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