Are you ready for Digital Marketing?

Are you ready for Digital Marketing?

I have decided to write this text about our experience with Digital Marketing. When I say our experience, it is because we have not copied anything from anywhere. Simply, we are just writing below what we have learned from our experience with customers of several segments.

On another article I have written about why I believe in Marketing and that I am suspicious about someone that only talks about Digital Marketing and does not master the basic concepts of marketing whole. Although, the last subject is being commented just as a provocation for another discussion. Let us talk about some basic points that are intimately related to Marketing & Digital Marketing.


As I have commented in a few meetings and lectures, a company that has not yet embraced the digital marketing is like a person who is used to participate only in family gatherings where everyone is familiar. On such occasions you are also not required to assume a specific role or leadership because you are among family and friends, and most of them already know you, there’s no preparation.

Now imagine that you’ve been invited to an event that will happen in AMCHAM (American Chamber of Commerce) in São Paulo, with more than 5000 guests and the event will be broadcasted all over Latin America and the Caribbean. Another detail, you are responsible for the event and are also the speaker.

For some companies, when we talk about Digital Marketing, it represents to expose the company to thousands of people and/or companies you don’t know, and also, don’t know you. As people say: ‘You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Do you agree that you should prepare in advance for an event such as this? And that you shouldn’t show up in shorts as you would on a family gathering?

This means that to enter the world of Digital Marketing, you must make sure that the logo and visual identity of your company is appropriate. Here we can point out that you could do this by investing US$1,000.00, US$10,000.00 or even above US$100,000.00. This depends on how much you want to impress, on your target audience, on consistency, and balance.


Whenever you are in public, either through campaigns on Google AdWords or Social Media, you must share your website; the website is your address. It will be used for all public appearances (Campaigns, Webinars, and Recorded Videos) just as you are given a business card when you have attended a meeting, and even on one of those, you can usually find a website.

There are low, medium and high investment websites as well. The consequences are big when we are dealing with your success on Digital Marketing; therefore, it is important to know the difference. Still on the website topic, it is important to know that the layout is of utmost importance. Other factors such as architecture, organization, communication channels, programming, content, and performance are just as important. The subject matter experts use the terms SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to address the topics above.

For now, all you need to know is that the website may determine if you pay more or less for advertising on Google, which will be crucial on your total investment on Digital Marketing. More details will be approached in another post where we are going to discuss topics such as bounce rate, exit rate, and Google’s quality index.


Here I will only name a few foundations of any business and that affects the work of Digital Marketing. Strategic planning sets the flight plan; where the company wants to reach. To sum up, this plan needs to answer what is your company offering, price model, sales channels, market segments you want to act, growth strategy, competitive Strategy, cost structure, partnerships and capabilities. The Marketing Plan is a derivation of the strategic plan where you will define your product portfolio, services, price, positioning, and concept.

Let’s take a look at the example: If you have or want to set up an E-commerce for clothes, you need to think in variety of styles, sizes, etc. Imagine that your company invests a great amount on dissemination of your brand and sales campaigns on Google and social media. The traffic on the website is 10 times bigger than before; however, the sales have increased just 5%. Without rushing into a conclusion, a previous experience with a client has shown that if you have just one type of t-shirt, with just one type of print (Which is not to my liking), in just one size (Which is not my size) and you only have one form of payment (Which is not the payment preference) it is very likely that you lost time and money on something that will not be converted in sales.

In addition, in order to have a differentiation of our products/services it is necessary to have a concept that can be translated to your brand. The concept is related to a positioning, it can be low price; convenience, fast delivery. Also the tone in communication (formal, informal language, younger, more humorous).


What is the biggest difference between Google and Social Media? Google is more focused on sales because it intercepts the keywords for people who are looking for a product, service or specific subject. It is also used to boost the company’s brand. On social media, we believe the opposite, social media have been created to make people interact with each other. On this case, it is used to fortify the brand and also to boost sales, on Facebook for instance, it can be boosted through Facebook Ads. Each social media such as LinkedIn, Instagram among others, have their own characteristics and specific audiences.

The amount invested on Google is considerably bigger but the return also tends to be greater considering sales. It is challenging to obtain a satisfying result on a specific geography or if you have a small search rate for certain products or services. Another important point is to consider the value of the product or service sold versus the investment in services and campaigns.

Be sure to read the other Marketing related texts. We’re available for any question or suggestion.

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